We Give Back

By The Wings & Taku Team on

“Be a part of the Juneau Icefield ~ past and present ~”

A donation to the Juneau Icefield Research Program will be made in your honor when you fly with Wings Airways!

This year, we are THRILLED to announce a new partnership with the Juneau Icefield Research Program (JIRP)! Our goal in supporting this program is to promote JIRP’s awareness and encourage the data collection of the glacial landscape that is our backyard.

This educational and research program has 60 years of experience maintaining the longest running study of any glacier in the Western Hemisphere. Priceless scientific knowledge is gathered and shared about the 1,500 square mile Juneau Icefield. Students from the United States and internationally pursue groundbreaking research alongside scientists in the largest classroom in the world.

Help us celebrate and support the accomplishments of this incredible organization.  To learn more about this special and important organization, please click the link: http://juneauicefield.org