Wings Airways Named Top Adventure Travel for Thrill Seekers

By The Wings & Taku Team on

Wings Airways was just highlighted in USA Today’s Top 7 adventure travel vacations for thrill-seekers!

“Century-old Taku Glacier Lodge is just a short 15-minute flight from Juneau, but seaplane pilots at Wings Airways opt for the 25-minute route, passing over a handful of massive glaciers before splashing down at the historic lodge.

Once on the ground, adventure travelers have a couple of hours to take in stellar views of neighboring Hole-in-the-Wall glacier, hike on old-growth forest trails, and watch for bears, in between dining on salmon hooked a short stretch down river. You can even sip on a drink chilled with glacier ice.

Built in 1923, Taku Glacier Lodge served as a hunting and fishing camp, before becoming the home of pioneer Mary Joyce, one of Alaska’s best-known female dog mushers.”

Come visit us and experience the thrill and magic!