The 5 Glacier Exploration Seaplane Tour

The 5 Glacier Seaplane Exploration

Tour Details

Approximately 40 minutes of flightseeing adventure.

Includes five Glaciers flowing out of the massive Juneau Icefield.
This Juneau float plane tour includes the most flightseeing time over the most amount of glaciers in Juneau!

Launch your vacation in Alaska from the beautiful Juneau waterfront on board an authentic Floatplane Tour as it climbs through the clean pure air cleansed by the magnificent glaciers nearby. You’re on the beginning of a Floatplane Tour that will dazzle your senses as you gaze out in wonder at the beauty and awe of misty ocean and mossy forests rising up to meet five mighty glaciers that surround Juneau!

The grandeur of Alaska’s epic glaciers will thrill and delight you on Juneau’s only Floatplane Tour that shows you five mighty glaciers. Your seaplane exploration begins as your aircraft gently takes off from the historic downtown waterfront carrying you over Juneau’s mining past. En route your Floatplane will soar over the lush wilderness of the Tongass National Forest until your first glimpse of five distinctly different majestic glaciers within the 1,500-square-mile Juneau Icefield. Glide past deep crevasses and azure blue meltwater pools of the Norris, Hole-In-The-Wall, East and West Twin Glaciers, plus the famous 5-mile-wide Taku Glacier.  The largest glacier in the entire Juneau Icefield.  Make sure to bring your camera to capture the magical memories this trip is sure to provide.

Note: All participants enjoy a window seat for enhanced viewing and a headset for continuous narration. One of the most important modes of transportation in Alaska is the seaplane (also known as floatplane) allowing you to escape into the true Alaskan wilderness within minutes of leaving your ship, hotel or B&B!